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Chronic fatigue syndrome dating

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pen eyes, wiggle toes, sit up, sink down, back up again. It will be her second day in a row, just one of a handful of days this month, and of a few dozen days this year — her third year living with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome.

As part of her usual routine, she’d usually stay under the covers for only another hour before gingerly climbing out of bed. Add that to her usual brain fog, gastrointestinal issues and the not-so-usual muscle aches she’s been feeling and it equals another day spent in bed.

Estimates indicate that as many as 2.5 million people in the United States live with the condition, and that it affects millions more worldwide.

But despite these statistics, little is known about the illness and little research has ever been done that might lead to a cause, treatment or cure.

“That’s the reason I sacrificed my health to go to the day of action.

If you have ever been overly tired when you were ill, feeling that the life is sucked out of you, that is chronic fatigue, except you feel that way all of the time, never ever feel rested and as another poster noted, I have never heard meanness associated with people experiencing CFS.

PTSD or bipolar is another thing but sounds to me like he is using whatever condition he has to justify engaging in abusive behavior which of course he does not (in his mind) have to take responsibility for because it is a condition over which he has no control.

I would pull long hours during the week and work occasional weekends. As well as this, I chaired the local branch of a bereavement support charity, regularly went to watch my local football team, went to the gym, socialised, had a happy relationship, and, being a mum, did all the mum things. I caught a heavy cold which slowed me down and suddenly ground to a total halt.

I was unable to get out of bed other than to crawl to the toilet. The effort to stand up was immense and often took several attempts.

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But that doesn't mean I've let go of my hopes and dreams.

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