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Although political parties exist in name, their organization and discipline tend to be loose.The prime minister rarely commands a clear majority in Parliament, and so governments are usually formed of a coalition of parties or factions.The governor-general, who serves a term of up to five years, must be a citizen of Solomon Islands.Members of the (elected by and from Parliament) and a cabinet appointed by the governor-general from among the members of Parliament on the recommendation of the prime minister.Feminine Hygienic Products Morgan says: Tampons and pads can be purchased at pharmacies.Outside of the main towns tampons are hard to find so bring your own.

It includes both Solomon Islands citizens of Fiji descent and Fiji citizen workers and businessmen currently residing in the Solomons.The population of Fiji is 905,949 (July 2006 estimate) with approximately 60 Jews.In addition, there are close to 300 people of Jewish descent living in the Fiji Islands, principally in the capital city of tropical oceanic—that is, hot and humid but relieved by cool winds and abundant, year-round rainfall. For example, Tinakula in the Santa Cruz group and Kavachi, a submarine volcano near New Georgia, have erupted regularly every few years, and Simbo Island has a Almost all Solomon Islanders are Christian; most are Protestant (mainly Church of Melanesia [Anglican]), with smaller numbers of Roman Catholics and members of other denominations. Damage to infrastructure on Guadalcanal resulted, disrupting transportation, commerce, and agriculture, and many enterprises were forced out of business.Temperatures seldom exceed 90 °F (32 °C), and rainfall generally averages 120–140 inches (3,000–3,500 mm) a year. The 2007 earthquakes and tsunami caused further economic setbacks.

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