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Dating tips first date conversation

" If they're still carrying grudges from the past, or trying to find the next perfect job or apartment, you might think twice about investing too much time waiting for the ink on this puppy to dry. How do you talk about your divorce or a prior break-up?

Frame your story tactfully to balance honestly and openness with personal privacy and circumspection.

In the hours before your first date, make sure you distract yourself and you’ll help to keep those pre-date jitters at bay.

Many successful long-term relationships began with a click and a swipe.

But it's also possible to waste a lot of time hoping for miracles.

Many people regret spending precious time hoping they can change a frog into a prince. How do you make the most of that all-important first date by having a conversation that balances hope and reality so you don't waste precious time on a relationship that will ultimately go nowhere?

Sometimes (okay, most of the time), though, first dates aren't smooth sailing.

That doesn't always mean you're incompatible — just that we are humans, and dating can be awkward.

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  1. “I want to meet a stud, not a spud.” (“spud” is another word for “potato”, for those of you who aren’t farmers) You may not be a couch potato, but you could easily find yourself sitting at the computer all night, seven nights a week, looking for fellow fitness-loving singles, and only reading things that aren’t true. If fitness is your thing, if you like to run, jump, bike and be on the move, then you have a need for speed – speed dating, that is.