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: ) Explain your personal finances when the relationship is more serious, closer to the engagement time. I mean is he/she quick on his/her tongue to say negative things about others? Nagging NEVER changes people....fault - finding NEVER changes people.....2) Get to know his/her family very well, before you marry him/her. Ex: Throwing things, hitting or kicking pets, foul language or striking out. Is he/she compassionate when he/she sees a hurting animal or elderly person that needs help or attention, or does he/she just "blow-it-off" like that's too bad, but changes the subject quickly and goes back to herself! Does he/she overlook the faults of others, even when they have done many injustices to him/her? Or does he/she complain about the little or small issues that life brings? Manipulation NEVER changes's the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, fasting / prayer and demonstrating GOD'S LOVE consistently, that will change the stubborn, rebellious hearts of those we love and those that are casual acquintances. Q: When entering dates in Excel, it would be much simpler if I could enter the date as just the numbers without the forward slash character (for example, 06102010 instead of 06/10/2010).

A: You can enter dates into Excel 2003, 20 without using slash marks by applying a custom format.

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Start by highlighting a range of cells, then right-click on that range to display the pop-up menu.

Select Format Cells to display the Format Cells dialog box.

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On the Number tab select Custom, and enter the following custom format in the Type box: 00/00/0000, then click OK.