Definition dating cougar

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Definition dating cougar

The majority of younger men we surveyed like to switch between cougars and kittens - with only 17% claiming to be dedicated to the pursuit of older women.

Gossip magazines and talk shows were breathless with excitement about the pairing, and you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing some magazine or TV show dubbing Moore as a cougar.(For those of you who don’t know, a “cougar” is slang for a woman who is over 40 and dates or sleeps with younger men. Moreover, women aren’t animals and should never be referred to as such in a wholesale manner without their consent.Si, es cierto, comehombres no hace referencia a la edad de quien porta el nombre.Pero robacunas tampoco hace referencia a que se trate de una mujer.Cougar is one of those words that is sold and packaged as being something of a liberation for women: “Oh look! Or C) where cougars are often portrayed in a desperate light, as if they have nothing better to do than “chase” after younger men.We’re celebrating a sexually active and liberated woman! Yet the men in these relationships aren’t insulted or derided, even though they are adults who are consciously deciding to be in relationships with older women.

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At the start of 2011 we decided it was high time to find out what the men - aka the 'Cubs' - think about the phenomenon that is cougar dating today.

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