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But more troublingly, he had also planted the spyware on the systems of strangers across the country, proving that proximity isn't required to infiltrate someone's system.But while hacking using trojan horse viruses is the most malicious way to infiltrate a system, shifty websites sometimes use basic techniques that take advantage of human behavior patterns.

Guillermo Cuevas is one of several consumers who feels violated.

i Pads and i Phones: Where would we parents be without them?

They help our kids with everything from reading and writing through to learning about dinosaurs and chemistry; they provide a way for them to chat with their friends; and, let’s face it, they sometimes keep them entertained when we are trying to answer some emails or cook dinner! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these devices that we let our kids play on are fully-fledged, Internet-connected computers.

Now some gas stations are fighting back with security upgrades.

- Putting your money at risk, skimmers are targeting gas stations across Tampa Bay.

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Two weeks ago somebody used his credit card number to charge $90 in gas at a station in North Tampa.

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