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This option is useful for making changes to a page header or any element that appears identically on every page.If for some reason, in my case I had duplicated a Site Definition in the Site Manager and changed the URL (for a new version of the site, not in version control for the time being) updating the templates no longer updates the pages created from that template throughout the Site. I loaded an HTML webpage, and saved it out as a Dream Weaver Template file.I then created webpages from the template file (( File - New - Page From Template - Site - Template), and made sure that the "Update Page when Template Changes" check box was selected/checked.

By Janine Warner The great advantage of Dreamweaver templates is that you can automatically apply changes to all the pages created with a template by altering the original template.I then created several chldren webpages, and saved them as files.I decided to change the navbar system - part of the uneditiabel region in the template - by opening the template file and edit-ing that file, and then saving it as the same Dream Weaver template file.There is a logo on the top left corner, a navigation menu spanning the left column, and the article itself occupying the right column.The only thing different about each page is the content of the article itself.

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This chapter deals with how you can use that template system to manage your site.

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