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There is going to be drinks, clubbing, and people on the prowl.Regardless of where you are in the world, you’re guaranteed to encounter the 色狼 | sèláng | womanizer or 花花公子| huāhuā gōngzǐ | player that’ll surely cause you some 心碎|xīn suì | heartbreak — so be on the lookout!Now, the scene in Germany has changed quite a bit since those olden days; it’s much more varied and wild than ever before.This does not mean that all German girls are looking for the kind of man who hides all of his emotion behind an exaggerated façade of masculinity.The flirting game for us is all about , the carefree attitude: the general rule of thumb being to not look overly interested and to engage in casual conversation. It’s not all frosty relations between our two countries, as much as the hoards of louty Brits have done little to endear England to the locals, the fascination with English wit and charm is still there.Personally, as a girl, I would say that simple is always best: merely walk up to your chosen girl and say “Mademoiselle, je vous trouve absolument charmante” (I find you absolutely charming/ beautiful)- I have certainly never slapped someone for saying it! You know, bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on a Saturday night. I'm joining the priesthood tomorrow Dude, I'm an American Express lover...

(Rabbit Without Ears II) in which he tries to pick up a Muslim woman using the German version of the “Is your father a terrorist? NOTE: The video is in German without subtitles, but you can gauge the reactions and outcome of his pursuits. I hope you dont have tetnus cause tonight your gonna nail me Fuck me if I'm wrong, but is your name Easy Bottom? I may not be the best-looking guy in here, but I'm the only one talking to you. Most German girls probably would not respond to an über-macho man and would take a while of dating before she would be interested in you.On the other hand, Germany is known for one of the most risqué red light districts out there.

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As one travel blogger recounts, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany functions as one of the most outrageous and popular spots in Europe for ever-controversial sex tourism.

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