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Girl forgets webcam was on

Those things happen, like it happened to Hydra or that Locodoco Lo L guy having a wank infront of 10k people ?Furthermore, his channel got closed so he basically had nothing from it except getting trolled badly and I mean you know what people on 4chan and stuff do, they will send that shit to his family, friends and maybe even to his working place.they found out his real name.” Various web pages and addresses are likely to be in use.

If you clicked on this then you will have just posted the same scam you your own wall which is something called like-jacking.The next thing you should notice here is the incorrect spelling of “off” within the sentence and then you have to wonder which of your friends would post something like this?The Facebook post carries the message If you have been unfortunate to have clicked on it then you will have been directed to another page which you can see below.This will cause you to spread the scammer’s message to your friends. Every time someone completes a survey the scammer gets paid.These scams are also known to contain malware, so never complete them.

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