List of good headlines for dating sites

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There's just something about a good name paired with a tasteful photo that ...have you on your way to being the most popular fish in the online dating sea.How do you rise above 1000s of profiles in an Online Dating Site? Are you drawn into the unassuming but sort of cute, Cool - now I’ve got a setting for a 2 minute fantasy, and I want to know more about him! You’ve only got a couple of seconds to make a lasting impression. Think about this, dear friends - When you scan the profiles over your rare coffee break - which ones grab your 7 1/2 spare minutes?More importantly, wouldn't it be better to have a description that makes hot women want to learn more about you?How about these for excitement inducing headlines, which would be perfect for a fireman and a martial arts enthusiast? So if you can get her to LOL just by looking at your headline, she’ll definitely want to read your profile. Now imagine you’re the guy on the other end of the mouse - you know - the hot one you were just peeking at.

A usernames is what you call yourself in your online profile. Using your list of words come up with different combinations. real name, numbers, trying to be funny, geographical reference, ...

Granted, you’re not going to email her if she looks like a sack of potatoes without the potatoes.

But the ‘curiosity headline’ has done its job – it got you to look at her profile.

It's fun if you're easily amused, and what's so great about being hard to amuse?

One I had for a while (that i thought was funny, guys notsomuch) was,ur skinny g/f turns in2 ur fat wife So why not just cut to the chase and try a fatty out?

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Your username in an online dating profile matters more than you might realize. (Note that real usernames generally can't contain spaces, but I'm deliberately listing ...

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