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The objective is to prevent sperm from entering the semen, 95% of which is support fluid made by glands called the prostate and seminal vesicles, located in the pelvis behind and beneath the bladder (anatomy diagrams). From each testis, sperm move through a long curled-up tube behind the testis (the epididymis) wherein they become mature.

From there, they swim up a foot-long tube (the vas) which guides them up to the channel (urethra) through which men urinate and ejaculate.

If love is an ocean we are your trusted boat to reach the banks of affinity, give a chance and see what we can do!Just before entering the urethra, the left and right vas tubes are enlarged, and it is here, behind the bladder, where many sperm are stored between ejaculations.The easiest place to access the vas tubes is just above the testes where the vas tubes are just beneath the thin scrotal skin, easy to feel and very mobile.Start meeting singles near you now, and don't let your wallet get in the way of finding love.Chat, hang out, and hook up with new people in your area by joining the site that's frequently ranked in the top 10 dating websites.

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