Updating database in asp net

Posted by / 02-Sep-2020 15:49

Updating database in asp net

However, when checking the database, the record has not been updated and I am unsure as to why.

I've have checked the SQL statement that is being processed by displaying it as a label and it looks as so: Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As Event Args) username = session.contents.item("User Name") if username = "" then logout Button.

Below are the first three parts of my LINQ to SQL series: In today's blog post I'll cover how we we can use the data model we created earlier, and use it to update, insert, and delete data.

I'll also show how we can cleanly integrate business rules and custom validation logic with our data model.

When we defined our data model, the LINQ to SQL designer also created a custom Data Context class that provides the main conduit by which we'll query our database and apply updates/changes.

Like updating some new lines into table b using only the particular Tut ID from table A.

The properties of each class map to the columns of a corresponding table in the database.

Each instance of a class entity represents a row within the database table.

Currently, I am not able to update the Sub Tut Text. Tut Title" How do I change this set of code to make it update only the one I want or add new lines based on the Tut ID from table a?

With my line of code I am updating everything instead of only the one I want.

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