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You can do this either by snail mail or via email to the admission-office staff member who oversees applicants from your high school.

(If you don’t know who that is, call the admission office and ask for a name and contact information.) This sample below was used by a student who was deferred in the Early Action round by her first-choice college, which I’ll call “Fantasy State.” Even if you are simply sending in new information and you weren’t deferred, this format would work for you, too.

That’s the average amount of time that an employer will spend scanning your resume.I have been amazed by the range of abilities, including the special talents, I’ve seen there.-I learned how to make great sushi (no small feat, since last year I didn’t even sushi).But no, it's not magic and no, it won't get you the job.Yet without a good one, it could keep you from getting the job (or from getting the interview).

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