Vera scarf dating

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Vera scarf dating

The Neumans bought an old mansion which was converted into her studio and factory. Vera's brother, Philip Salaff, joined the company, and it was he who was responsible for the organization of Printex.The company was set up in a vertical fashion, meaning that the entire operation, from design to finishing, took place at the converted mansion.As many as 500-600 different designs a year were developed by the team, many of which were printed in the factory right below them.Geometrics, especially dots, were very popular, as were bold florals. Blouses and dresses were made from the Vera textile designs.According to the book: The third of four children, Vera was born to Russian immigrants Fanny and Meyer Salaff on July 24, 1907, in Stanford, Connecticut.

Although Vera is known for her iconic scarves that became hugely popular in the 60s (even Marilyn Monroe was a fan — she posed with a Vera scarf in her photo shoot for Vogue just before her death), Vera got her start by creating housewares.Why buy a new scarf that has the 70’s retro look when you can shop at Razberry Boutique and buy the real thing.Vera Neumann, (1910-1993) is known worldwide as “Vera”.She used vivid, bold, brilliant colors, floral patterns and sometimes the ladybug trademark.Her scarves are highly collectable; her designs are still fashionable today - as they never go out of style. Right now at Razberry Boutique we have 38 Vintage Vera scarves and we are are planning on listing another 40 in the next few days and we are waiting for another shipment of 30 Vintage Vera scarves to come in next week.

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Mention vintage scarves and the name "Vera" immediately comes to mind.