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’ Mariah Blake profiled the “men’s rights” movement, writing that it “aims to battle discrimination against men but has drawn criticism for stirring up hatred of women” and that “men’s rights forums on sites like 4chan and Reddit are awash in misogyny and anti-feminist vitriol.” She said its members “argue that false allegations of rape and domestic abuse are rampant, or that shelters for battered women are a financial scam.

Others “rail against women for being independent or sexually promiscuous.” [, January/February 2015] Misogyny Is The "Gateway Drug" That Brings Many Men Into The "Alt-Right." As Aja Romano wrote for Vox, “extreme misogyny evolving from male bonding gone haywire” is often a “gateway drug” that leads people into the “alt-right.” In addition, the “alt-right” has embraced certain cultural issues in order to marginalize women, such as boycotts of the female-led reboot of the movie , 12/27/16; Reddit, accessed 1/18/17] Cernovich: “Date Rape Does Not Exist.” In August 2012, Mike Cernovich, founder of the website Danger & Play and an “alt-right” social media personality who recently helped push the “Pizzagate” myth, suggested in a since-deleted tweet that men “try” to rape “a girl without using force,” claiming that “it’s basically impossible” and adding, “Date rape does not exist.” [The Daily Beast, 8/9/16; , 12/19/16] Cernovich: “If You Love Black Women, Slut Shame Them” To Keep Them From Getting AIDS.

(One family member thinks Bissonnette “fell under the influence” of someone who radicalized him.) In the wake of the deadly attack, Fox News viewers were told virtually none of that about the gunman.

In fact, they were fed misinformation about the identity of the shooter, thanks to the network's claim on Twitter that a second gunman on the scene was “of Moroccan origin.” (Though police initially arrested two suspects, including one who is of Moroccan descent, they quickly realized he was a witness to the attack and that there was only one shooter, the Canadian native Bissonnette.

It wasn’t outright hate, rather part of this new nationalist conservative identity movement that is more intolerant than hateful.” In other words, he’s not a “lone wolf” gunman.

He’s an "alt-right" assassin who seemingly became deeply immersed in a radical movement in search of cultural and ethnic purity.

The leather upper is one-piece Anfibio, full grain, covered with an abrasion resistant, water repellent coating that will turn water in all but the very worst condiditions.

Cons Micro management, required to work extra hours to satisfy management, company culture not really friendly as its old time, management mind connected to the comunist era, informers really got valued.

Pros Right now the company is experiencing an amazing amount of growth.

[Breitbart, 10/7/16] Yiannopoulos: Does Feminism Make Women “Uglier?

” In a July 26, 2015 column, Yiannopoulos asked if feminism makes women “uglier.” He claimed, “Everyone knows that becoming a feminist makes a woman less marriageable, more crass and generally just unpleasant to be around.” [Breitbart, 7/26/15] Yiannopoulos Was Banned From Twitter After Leading A Harassment Campaign Against Leslie Jones.

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A middle finger indicates you have underlying anger issues.

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  1. The mobs of bobby-soxer fans Sinatra attracted with his dreamy baritone earned him such nicknames as "The Voice" and "The Sultan of Swoon." "It was the war years, and there was a great loneliness," recalled Sinatra, who was unfit for military service due to a punctured eardrum.